ProHealth Care offers educational opportunities in a variety of settings for hundreds of nursing and allied health students each year.

Learning Environment
ProHealth Care offers numerous educational opportunities in a variety of settings for hundreds of nursing and allied health students each year.

ProHealth Care clinical student sites include:
Program Overview & Requirements
ProHealth Care's observation program offers hands-off-only educational opportunities for individuals to observe the role of a medical professional working in the field.

Health Requirements
For the safety of our patients, staff, and students, observation opportunities are only available to participants aged 16 and up, and must have:

  • Completed the ProHealth Care Student & Observer Orientation Module
  • History of two MMR vaccine -or- positive rubella, rubeola and mumps titre
  • History of two varicella vaccine -or- positive varicella titre -or- history of chicken pox or shingles
  • Negative TB skin test, less than 12 months old -or- negative TB chest x-ray or blood test
  • Proof of current flu vaccine during Flu Season (October 1 to May 30)
  • Proof of COVID vaccination

All immunization records must be documented by a health care provider.

All observations must be sponsored by a ProHealth Care employee. Sponsors will serve as a mentor and primary contact for the entirety of the observation opportunity.

A sponsor can be obtained two ways:
  • Enlist a friend or family member who works for ProHealth.
  • Contact the department of interest to inquire if an opportunity for observation is available. If you do not have the department's contact information, you can call 262-928-1000 and ask the operator to transfer you. Once connected, you may inquire about the possibility of an observation experience.
Please note that we cannot guarantee ProHealth staff will be able to sponsor you, or a department's availability to accommodate requests for observation.

Observation Agreement Form
An Observation Agreement Form must be submitted and will serve as a formal request.

Once approved by department leadership, a staff member from ProHealth Care's Center for Learning and Innovation will reach out to you and your sponsor with formal confirmation.

Incomplete forms, and/or forms without a sponsor signature will be denied.

Provider Observations
To inquire about physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant observation opportunities, please contact Physician Relations.
ProHealth Care is deeply committed to fostering the development of nursing and allied health careers. Partnering with academic institutions across the nation, we look forward to facilitating hundreds of clinical group and preceptorship learning opportunities each semester.

Placement Process Overview
All academic programs must complete a Student Affiliation Agreement prior to requesting student placements. Placements will not be considered without a signed agreement.

Once an agreement has been finalized, placement requests and student registrations may be submitted via the ProHealth Care Student Portal by an academic program coordinator.

To request Portal access, or begin the affiliation agreement process, please contact Danna Henke, Student Affiliations Coordinator.

Placement request acceptance and confirmation deadlines will follow SEWNA guidelines.
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Participation Requirements

Prior to participating in a student rotation at any ProHealth Care facility, including placements in non-patient care environments (e.g. medical records, IT or lab), the following steps must be completed:

Step 1: Affiliation Agreement
A student affiliation agreement must be in place between ProHealth Care and the academic institution (school). If an active affiliation agreement is not in place, the academic placement coordinator will need to request a new one via our Student Affiliations Agreement Request Form.

Step 2: Requesting a Placement
Formal placement requests must be submitted via the ProHealth Care Student Portal, no less than six (6) weeks prior to the rotation start date. Requests submitted less than six (6) weeks prior may result in delays in the rotation start date.

To gain access to the student portal, submit an email a request to Student Affiliations. Only placement coordinators may access the student portal; students do not have access.

Important Note: Preliminary placement discussions between the school and the department of placement are welcome, but are not the official request. Student Affiliations must receive the formal placement request via the Student Portal. Failure to submit the formal placement request to the portal may result in delays in the rotation start date.

Step 3: Placement Confirmation
ProHealth will communicate with the requested department of placement and approve or decline the formal submission based on departmental and organizational capacity and strategic initiatives. Placement decisions will be communicated to the placement coordinator in writing.

Step 4: Student Registration & Orientation
If the placement request is approved, students must complete the items below and submit verification to their placement coordinator. The coordinator will validate student compliance in the student portal:
Section A: Health Requirements

  • Vaccination from, or titer indicating immunity to measles, mumps and rubella; and
  • Tuberculosis (TB) screening completed less that 12 months from the rotation start date. Individuals with positive TB skin test shall be screened annually for TB symptomology and have a negative baseline chest x-ray on file; and
  • Current seasonal flu vaccination (if placement occurs between October 1 and March 31, and full COVID vaccination according to current organizational guidelines. Individuals requesting religious or medical waiver must, prior to rotation start, receive approved exemption from their school. (ProHealth Care will not adjudicate student requests for waiver under any circumstance.); and
  • Vaccination from, or titer or statement of positive history indicating immunity to varicella is strongly recommended but not required; and
  • Vaccination from hepatits B is strongly recommended but not required. is recommended but not required.

Section B: Background Checks
Clinical and non-clinical students must communicate with their placement coordinator regarding completion of the following:
  • Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check; and
  • Wisconsin Criminal Background Check; and
  • Five-panel drug screen.

Section C: Additional Paperwork
Clinical and non-clinical students must complete the following orientation documentation on the first day of placement or beforehand:
Section D: Precepted Students Only

Section E: Clinical Groups Only

Please contact Student Affiliations with any questions.

Those interested in provider-level student placements (physicians, PAs, NPs, etc.) should contact Physician Relations.

The ProHealth Experience

ProHealth Care is committed to creating an environment in which every interaction results in a positive experience. We do this by: